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Change your World,
One Intention at a time

Say it. Set it. Be it. 


What’s Your Intention?

Our unique bracelets and malas are all created with hand selected semi-precious stones, that are collected from around the world. Each piece is special and very few are duplicates. These gem stones are purchased when we travel to Asia, South America, and Europe, or from our dealers who travel to other remote locations.

We invite you to use your bracelet and or mala to change your world, one intention at a time. Each morning, decide what positive intention you wish to carry you through your day. Then, take your bracelet or mala and repeat that intention, while you touch each bead in your piece. Now put your bracelet or mala on, as a constant reminder of what positive thoughts you are sending out into your world.

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Below are our 20 most recent posts on Instagram. Click on Instagram and browse from the hundreds and hundreds of designs we have posted. Choose one of the pics and contact us about making the same or similar bracelet for you.

*Note … we are constantly finding new stones; most of the stones shown in these pieces we have in stock but double check with us. We may need to replace one type of stone for one that is similar.

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Mobile number 860-559-0555

Thierry Huck & Don Tuttle

We started Huck & Co. in 2015. What was our "fun hobby", rapidly became a business and has since brought us more insight and joy than we ever imagined. 

The bracelets themselves have changed our lives. They help guide us through each day and remind us to live more intentionally, more authentically, and more positively. 

When we started Huck & Co., we never imagined we would be where we are today. We're so grateful you are here with us. 

Thank you for letting us share this gift with you. 



"I wear my intention bracelet everyday and it helps me stay calm and have inner peace!!”

N. Larson

I bought a bracelet for myself this Summer. Soon afterward, my friend found out that she had breast cancer. I gave her the bracelet. She says it gets her through each chemo treatment. Thanks, Thierry!! I am waiting for my next bracelet to arrive”

J. Gadbois

I have worn my bracelet everyday for 3 years and feel so different with it! These elements are amazing!!!”

J. Foltz

“Bought an intention bracelet for myself at the Coventry Farmers Market this Summer (onyx and Labradorite). Loved it so much that I went back and bought two more - one for Mom for her birthday (onyx and amethyst) and one for my husband (onyx and some other stone). Thierry resized the one for my husband, so it now fits perfectly. Everyone is very happy with their bracelets, and we all get lots of compliments! Thanks, Thierry”

D. Nicole

“Excellent quality and beautiful composition for colors. There is something for men, women and even kids. I wear mine every day and get tons of complements!”

K Kronenwetter

“When I saw the bracelet posted on FB I fell in love instantly! Huck & Co. secured it and shipped it the next day. It arrived today and it’s even more stunning in person! I love the properties of the stones as well as their beauty. Intention jewelry is growing in popularity but I love that this is locally made. I’m loving the quality and uniqueness of this piece. If you see something that speaks to you, reward yourself, you won’t regret it! Thank you Huck & Co., you’ve got a new fan!!”

L. Toomey