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Change Your World One Intention at a Time

Say it. Set it. Live it. 


We started Huck & Co. in 2013. What was our "fun hobby" eventually became a business that has brought us more than we ever imagined. 

The bracelets themselves have changed our lives. They help guide us through each day and remind us to live more intentionally, more authentically, and more positively. 

When we started we never imagined we would be where we are today. We're so grateful you are here. 

Thank you for letting us share this gift with you. 

Thierry Huck & Don Tuttle

To order

  1. Browse the selection below or on on our Instagram page.

  2. Send us an email at that includes the link to the bracelet you want to buy & your mailing address.

All online bracelets are $65 (shipping included).

All online Malas are $100 (shipping included).

*Note: Our inventory is constantly changing. It’s possible that we may need to swap one type of semi-precious stone for another. We will let know know if that’s the case.

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